Start Up Money

Rock bands need startup money for amps, guitars, mixing boards, microphones, lights, cables and guitar strings, media kits including demo recordings, business cards, merchandise, t-shirts, website hosting and let’s not forget food, gasoline, and you still have to pay rent for your studio apartment back home and the agent/manager’s cut. When it comes to getting a band road-ready dude its not cheap.

Who’s going to pay for all of this stuff? Sometimes brother it comes down to how good or bad your bass player’s credit is. That’s where we want to help!

If you plan to manage your own band the first thing you should do is find a way to lower your cost of doing business. After all it is the “music business“. Keeping your expenses down on the road means more money in your pocket after the big rock show. What we need to do, is clean up your credit and raise your credit scores. Most people will get approved and even “save” money once they have good credit. We have a really great company we work with, it’s The Credit People. They improve our musician’s credit and raise their scores. They help about 6,000 people a month, and they make it really easy. You can watch the progress they make with your credit online, and they take care of everything. Then once your credit is in a good place, they can go ahead and get you approved for a loan!

Because your credit isn’t going to fix itself… your credit will keep affecting your life and limit how many gigs you get until we have The Credit People take care of it for you. They do an amazing job. We highly recommend them — to all rock bands a-z.